San Francisco

Craig Moore, Alex Gonzales, Ruth Rippon

Barrios Gallery, Sacramento

Paintings by two artists of limited exhibition experience; ceramics by an internationally known professor of art. Utah’s Craig Moore, included in the Winter Invitational at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, makes an auspicious debut here. A good painter, he reveals a nice balance between profundity, in a bird’s eye view of the Crucifixion which relegates it to earth’s problems, and humor, with a “wish you were here” spoof of the middle-aged, bikinied housewife and her loose-seamed husband on holiday. Gonzales, recently remarked by Mark Tobey for his creative approach to art, favors line in his painting: white line, black line, scraped line, paste-on line, line as texture, and line as containment. Professor Rippon’s pots, encrusted, reliefed, and decorated with a variety of surfaces, are art objects rather than functional food containers. Her ceramic figures, derived from such diverse sources as ancient personages and contemporary divers have the look of Haniwa grave figures. From them future archeologists may deduce that through the centuries we have not changed our shape, only our rainment. They just could be right.

E. M. Polley