San Francisco

Jasper Johns

Richmond Art Center

Although this is a slight rephrasing of the Johns statement presented at the Everett Ellin Gallery in Los Angeles last winter and it no longer promises more than it can deliver, this show still invokes much the same reaction that Donald Factor reported in the February issue of Artforum. It is a tantalizing affair—a little like smorgasbord in that it offers more in variety than in sustenance and it leaves you hungry for more. This vague sense of dissatisfaction seems to be due less to the quality of the work than to a peculiarly local situation. It points up the fact that when a famed New York artist is shown to a western audience for the first time, nothing short of a full range of absolutely top-flight works could possibly live up to expectations. But even a middling-good show is better than nothing, and it is to be hoped that more local galleries will follow the lead of the Richmond Art Center and let us see what is happening back east from time to time.

Betty Breckenridge