San Francisco

Jerrold Davis

Rabow Galleries

Recent works and a change of pace by this young California artist, best known for his cool grey landscapes which combine Kline’s powerful calligraphy with Corot’s poetic mists. A number of small paintings in this vein are included. But the huge canvases that deal variously with monolithic jets of water from a calm sea, contrasting static horizontality with kinetic verticality, or equally monolithic nudes either standing in the shallows or reclining on the beach, where they become a part of the landscape rhythm, will shake Davis followers up a bit. He combines the tenderness of Modigliani with the weightless massiveness of Matisse in these pale pink figures, which often cut across the picture plane to divide the painting almost in half. West Coast audiences are familiar with his eccentric space division, so it is the feeling of substance without weight that gives these new works their most tantalizing aspect, as if one were living in a state of hallucination.

E. M. Polley