San Francisco

John O’Conner, James McPherson

Hollis Gallery

O’Conner has recently received a Master’s Degree from the Davis campus of the University of California where he studied with Ralph Johnson, Wayne Thiebaud and Paul Wonner. He is at present teaching at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The paintings in the present show are small oil on paper presentations concerning figures in tightly furnished rooms, the furniture without the figures and a few landscape studies. The treatment used can be described as variations on Johnson and Wonner via Diebenkorn. The fact that O’Conner isstill influenced by his former teachers should not be an indictment of his work; on the contrary, he exhibits a great deal of verve and painterly strength which some of his instructors, alas; lack. One hopes he will continue to grow as a painter, eventually freeing himself of these influences in order to treat his subjects in a more personal manner.

The photographs of James McPherson picture people going about their business. In some, he has employed odd angles, in others consciously arty angles, or just straight candid shots. One is most attracted to the photos in which the architecture of surrounding space is made to play an equal part with the figure or figures presented in that space.

James Monte