San Francisco

Michael Bowen

City Lights Bookshop

To date, Bowen’s total body of work has consisted of drawings, a number of them mammoth in scale and depicting sensuously rendered females, paintings, and constructed sculpture. Bowen’s paintings have been mostly abstractions related to the drawings in their voluptuousness of touch. The constructions have used as raw materials such items as store mannequins that were obsolete ten years ago, children’s toys of all types, including dolls, atomic ray guns, six-guns, masks, and party favors. Bowen’s sculpture, unlike Ed Kienholz’s work in a similar vein, is usually tied together visually by a coat of paint which has been sprayed or brushed on after the assembling of the divergent parts. The exhibit at City Lights is very small and poorly chosen but it gives some indication of what Bowen is up to.

James Monte