Los Angeles

Richard Stine

Paul Rivas Gallery

Recent watercolors and drawings filled by bloated, venereal, addled personages acting out post-Freudian spoofs that sometimes cause a shiver of recognition in the viewer. Divine Guidance (in this case) shows a phallic demon dropping a few suggestions on the less-than-deaf ears of a good citizen about to go to bed. The odious grey-greens of this watercolor enhance its seamy content. Rows of naked (not nude) men and women drawn in cipher-style cover a page entitled Approaching Masochism. Perhaps this is a two-edged pun since the perceiver submits to a painfully poor drawing. Our environment of socio-psychologized jargon certainly breeds comedy, but another gentleman (who is even adept at lettering), could teach Stine some finer points: Jules Pfeiffer.

Rosalind G. Wholden