San Francisco

Robert Branaman

Batman Gallery

Branaman has a romantic and bohemian image of the artist which he expresses in his work with a very genuine quality of beat up surface. He is a mutinous anti-formalist as yet unable to marry his own particular vision and ideas into a worthwhile image. Much of his painting is banal and trite, flashing back, as it does, into aspects of Pollock. In his drawings, which are totally different, he searches for a poetic symbolism, but is too often only literary. In resolutely turning his back on a formal and plastic mode of expression he ends up with expressing nothing more than his own maverick personality. In using the word formal, the reference is to formal means rather than formal images. For example, both Rauschenberg and George Hermes manipulate highly poetic and informal images, but both use formal means to structuralism their respective art.

John Coplans