San Francisco

Second Annual New York Artists Show

Quay Gallery

As a group exhibit, this show is of more than ordinary interest, primarily because it brings together a number of artists who have studied with one teacher, Hans Hofmann. The exhibit is doubly rewarding because of some very high caliber painting, drawing and sculpture which has been included. One wishes other galleries in Marin County would raise their standards to the level this gallery in Tiburon has achieved. Hofmann is represented in the exhibit by a small gouache painting and a crayon drawing, both loaned by a collector in the Bay Area. The painting is very high-keyed with a heavy black grid painted directly over the intense color. The drawing is fragmentary and lacks the clarity of the gouache.

Gerald Samuels exhibits extremely personal paintings which allude to natural vistas. Joe Clark’s large metal women are far more convincing than his two paintings in the show. Nancy Clark’s dark brown paintings manage to be little more than soupy. The three figures in a landscape by Jan Muller is a good if not great example of this artist’s work. Robert Henry’s charcoal drawings bring a gutty vitality to figure drawing without losing the individuality of the various figures depicted. Niever Billmeyer’s rich, tightly packed abstract-expressionist paintings are well painted and well conceived. The very dark, close-valued paintings of figures by Selina Trieff manage to convey their message of disturbed brooding romanticism with eloquence in spite of their microscopic scale.

James Monte