Los Angeles

Alexander Nepote

Kramer Gallery

Half of this exhibit consists of painted­-over collages, the other half are water­colors which simulate painted-over col­lages. The actual collages are often dramatic but weak in form and lacking in the element of essential balance. Be­cause of their imitative quality the watercolors are thin and static. One striking piece, titled Together on White Cliff, illustrates a subtle tech­nique: torn paper bits are glued to a background, then painted to heighten their relationship. In this work the central image is a colored, whirling body placed against a black backdrop be­neath which are a series of white torn sheets assembled in the fashion of glaciers. Nearby a collage ball rolls toward the center of action. As with many of the pieces, the total effect is one of an abstract, science-fiction illus­tration for a story about life on the third planet from the sun in one of the glactic systems of Alpha Centuri.

––Earl Carter