San Francisco

Annual Designer-Craftsmen Exhibition

Richmond Art Center

This show is a beautifully installed selection of California crafts that maintains high standards of design yet meets commer­cial requirements. Although the quantity of work shown by each of the 106 craftsmen is restricted and the pieces are of modest size, the display retains much variety. Techniques are profes­sional throughout. Some of the potters (e. g., Peter Vardenberge) manage to emphasize the plastic properties of clay within the framework of pottery. About half the jewelry entries are department store items, but the other half are lu­minous, shapely creations. The wall hangings and textiles are fussy and artsy-craftsy and the worst selections in the show. An exception here is Doro­thy Dodge’s textile which has some of the spatial sense of a mobile. On the whole, the gaudy cheapness of much decorative art has been held to a mini­mum and a serious dedication to the crafts is the high note of this exhibition.

Jo­anna C. Magloff