Los Angeles

Charles Farr and John DeWitt Clark

Jefferson Gallery, La Jolla

John Clark certainly has learned to play a lot of materials, gets a tune from each, music from one or two. His frightened han­dling of raw stone leaves all formal possibility locked in, repeats the con­ventional gestures of the chisel. Wood holds him pretty close to first also, al­though one piece, Labyrinthine Way, has roots in space, wants to grow, and does. Two little aluminum castings, Figura and Bultos, really dance their small worlds lifeward. One piece in the show is outstanding: White Relief, an area of sand cast stone, writhing, awk­ward, excitingly in charge of the space Clark wants it for. All in all, when Clark builds his pieces, they try to proceed; when he carves them, they get nervous and lost.

Showing with Clark are paintings and drawings by Charles Farr which, though they outnumber the sculptured works, do not rival them in excitement.

––James Parks