San Francisco

Frances Moyer

Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland

Most of the pieces in Miss Moyer’s show are spindly figures cast in bronze; two of them are partly built around ani­mal bones. They are all somewhat like Sears and Roebuck versions of Giaco­metti. There are also three wooden toys. One is a body with doors inserted into it. Another (Colonel Bogey’s Cupboard) contains heads, is painted gold and, like the former one, has a music box at­tached that plays the appropriate march. It is fun to open all the little doors and to wind the music box. The third con­struction (Alchemist’s Valise) has pamphlets in it with titles such as Witch-watching for Fun and Profit. All in all, there is something slightly unbelievable about this show.

Jo­anna C. Magloff