San Francisco

Margaret Brunn, Joan Ridgeway and Burdette Morton

Artists' Cooperative, Sacramento

Margaret Brunn shows a group of small landscapes, cityscapes and a still-life. The landscapes are conventional but at­tractive, done in a mildly Impression­ist style with glowing color and rich paint texture. Most of them are Marin County scenes. In some of her land­scapes she thins down her paint and does line drawings over areas of broad color, thereby sacrificing her best quali­ties to quaintness. When she abandons landscape for pseudo-cubist effects in decorator colors, as in the sailboat scene, she negates everything genuine in her work.

Burdette Morton does glazed oils and intaglio monoprints. Although his paint­ings of heads or figures emerging from misty landscapes, sometimes dripping moss, are no doubt intended to be mys­tically profound they are perilously close to banality. The nudes as landscapes and the monoprints are more success­ful.

Joan Ridgeway’s work is in absolute contrast to Morton’s. Her small, very gay paintings of children––at play, dancing, at the zoo, with hoops––are done with broad, free strokes in primary colors. They are quite inexpensive and children, especially, should love them.

Helen Giambruni