Los Angeles


Galerie de Ville

Metal mannikins in ever so graceful poses throw their hips out of whack in homage to Praxite­les (by way of Vogue Magazine). Under­standably, the sculptress has completed commissions for the Helena Rubenstein and Schiaparelli Cosmetics buildings. Docilely obeying the ideal proportions in the Age of Slenderella, Taki’s figures are at least ten heads high and employ a narrow oval as the module for every shape. So successfully streamlined are these creatures that were it not for the hair styles it would be impossible to tell the boy figures from the girl ones. The metal itself has been playfully corroded and curlicued. After experienc­ing the strangling artificiality of this caboodle of “beautiful” coiled umbilici, twirly cat whiskers and pointing pinkies, it is a sculptural pleasure to see the obtuse shape of a ’54 Chevy (you don’t even need to bash it in first).

––Rosalind G. Wholden