Los Angeles

Alvin Light

Dilexi Gallery

These wood sculptures twist upward soaringly in a denial of their obvious weight. Mass is used at the base to give foundation for the linear directional thrusts which enclose space in ever-changing shapes as the viewer moves around the sculpture. Light constructs and carves, fitting his materials together with dowels and glue. The pieces are well crafted without being refined, and the rough­hewn vigor remains. Each sculpture is composed of many varieties of natural wood and rough planks. The viewer is aware of the past history of the burned stump, the twisted branch, the weather­ed board, but all are strictly controlled by the sculptor and are made to trans­cend their original identity without los­ing it. The predominantly matte unfin­ished surface emphasizes the stark, natural aspect. The smaller pieces in the show, with the exception of one beautifully handled wall relief, are not as successful as the larger ones. A sense of scale is needed to complete the movement of the form. The difficult problem of color as applied to sculp­ture has here been solved well in a fairly conservative manner. Blackened wood, grey, brown, red, pale golden wood, sun bleached and worm-eaten wood, sanded wood and wood with bark are all subtly juxtaposed. Brown, grey and washes of red are brushed on, and finally small amounts of bright, shiny color ooze out around the dowels and drip from the joints adding quiet detail to the thrusting form. One leaves the show with his remembrance of the up­surge and strength of nature revitalized.

Shirley Y. Pettibone