San Francisco

Athena Kalimos

Lucian Labaudt Gallery

Miss Kalimos has a raw, brutal and ugly way of painting that is completely nihilistic. Her turgid and very dark tach­iste images in common household paints are unbelievably bad. It is difficult to accept the proposition that this artist, after taking a degree in the Decorative Art Department at the University of California, and then a Masters degree in painting in the Art Department of the same distinguished University, can be so ignorant of the vocabulary of art, and at the same time so inept. The paintings are so unbelievably grotesque that it would only be fair to assume that in view of her professional background (she is teaching at the University of California) her work is deliberately programmed in this manner and she is completely aware of the nature of it. But for what purpose it is difficult to guess.

––John Coplans