Los Angeles

“East-West Exhibition”

Pasadena Art Museum, Pasadena

The joint exhibitions of the Pasadena Society of Artists and the Mishima Society of Artists with simul­taneous openings in Japan and at the Pasadena Art Museum were planned by the Pacificulture Foundation. Unfortu­nately the watercolors and prints exhib­ited by the Mishima Society in no way represent the contemporary creative out­put of Japan. For the most part, old traditions are followed but without any of the sensitivity or feeling that was once a part of those traditions. There is some charm to the images of Shin Segawa, and considerable technical dex­terity in the etchings by Shingo Seri­zawa. Otherwise, there is very little that justifies the exchange effort. The 39th Annual of the Pasadena Society of Art­ists, on the other hand, is somewhat more even in quality than it has some­times been. The awkward but effective forms with which Leonard Edmondson has been working present the most in­teresting visual experiences. There is a refreshing quality in the_ Landscape 13_ by Margaret J. Poole and considerable competence in Edithe Nash’s Garden Poetry. Paula Randall’s_Toccata in F Sharp Minor_ is an interesting sculp­tural piece. But, the uniqueness of the now familiar work of Shiro Ikegawa seems exaggerated when seen in com­pany with so much painting that, though relatively capable, nevertheless, lacks the vitality of newness.

Con­stance Perkins