Los Angeles

Edward Bush

Cahuenga Gallery

Bush has had some formal art training––that’s apparent––but either too much or not enough. Every move is that of a rank amateur with abundant failings. His paintings are involved with, and the victims of: more than four differing styles completely dependent upon clever tool manipulation; an absolute lack of drawing and composing skills; an awkward collection of meaningless sur­face gimmicks; simple-minded, two-layered spatial interests; and color which has all the sensuous charm of a plastic leatherette sample book. Surprisingly, one facet would seem to hold promise of more “professional” results, but only because it rehashes art history. Break­ing FogPenetration, and Reverber­ation are transparent collisions of lu­minous chromatic planes, in the man­ner of Villon or Feininger.

Fidel A. Danieli