Los Angeles

Gal­lery Group

Silvan Simone Gal­lery

Tidy, portable intimacy appears to be what unifies a slick, wide-ranging selection of faintly fashionable foreign­ers and Americans, where at least a few are bound to arouse curiosity and whet the visual appetite. The weirdly com­pulsive linear pages of Eusebio Sempere put the Spaniard in the surrealist micro­cosm of Max Ernst, and Felice Canon­ico’s dry brushed, canvas-covered bas­-reliefs owe their origination to Burri but still manage to stand out. Don la Viere Turner, Maria Luisa Segnoret, and John Coleman are refining tiny but vividly ex­pressed personal visions of reality. The sculptor, James Wines, represented by several collages (one most enigmatically impressive) would be recommended as a “must watch for.” Also to be found among all the others, naturally, are the parable illustrator, Rico Lebrun, and the folk art autobiographer, Jose Luis Cuevas.

Fidel A. Danieli

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