Los Angeles

Gallery Selections

Paul Kantor Gallery

In scale and importance this exhibition is directed toward the gilt­edge, philatelic type of collector who ought to have “one of each” in his repre­sentative holdings. A few rare speci­mens: a tiny, vibrant, mint Pollock, a Gorky at his grey, most Matta-like, a Kline studio study in a slightly cancel­led condition, and an outstanding Arp, a special edition honoring “Heavenly Objects,” are to be seen.

Larger commemorative size offerings include Raymond Parker’s re-“Inven­tion” of Cubism (1950), which somewhat confirms suspicions that there is little behind his current series but a nice idea. And Oliveira’s Standing Figure, but for its admirable head, looks spook­ily undecided––which is truly pitiable (but a necessary change of gears?), for it was painted only last year. A Stamos, a Levee, and a Miyasaki fill out this month’s peek into a choice stamp stock book.

Fidel A. Danieli