Los Angeles

Gerd Koch

Esther Robles Gallery

“Pushing and pulling” in the manner of Hofmann and Mother Nature, Koch’s tangling surfaces seem to be tangible apparitions of the energy underlying existence. His dancing impastoes shuf­fle pigment into grasses covering the tenacious face of the unknown. Win­ter’s Straw stirs up layers of yellow greys and ceruleans to flutter in sepa­rate sections across open areas. Using abundantly earthen colors the artist usually provides the relief of a flat wash or peep of canvas at the climac­tic moment before the paintings become too gummy. Sometimes his cursive strokes saraband into loops, in other portions the painter’s traces resemble imprints left by wandering animals. These beautiful and sumptuous works belong to the American landscape tra­dition. Koch presents Big Nature in unfolding visual pantomime rejecting tableaux which only simulate appear­ances.

Rosalind G. Wholden