Los Angeles

Group Show

Cahuenga Gallery

A be­wildering show of paintings in a recently opened gallery in Hollywood, bewilder­ing because of the uneven quality of the work and a certain earnest desire to express ideas not always clearly de­fined. The artists exhibiting are, in order: Alma, whose quasi-naive paint­ings recall folk-painting on glass or pottery; Alvarez, a non-objective painter who seems to lean heavily on Orphism and Pure Plastic Art; Bush, whose work resembles the aerial views it depends on; Lesly, a designer in the style of Atlan; Penny; Ryan; Bosco Tatich, a painter in the Expressionist mode with affinities for Jawlensky, who is also, it seems, the animator of the gallery; Thompson; Yolande; and Zorich.

The purpose of the gallery is not only to exhibit but to serve as a center. Lessons are offered, and a frame-mak­ing workshop is available. The effort is laudable, even if the current work is inconsistent and sometimes vague.

Joan Hugo