Los Angeles

Group Show

Laguna Beach Art Asso­ciation, Laguna Beach

Composed of 6 “Transparent Watercolorists” (an unfor­tunate term) who showed 4 works each, the long shadow of Millard Sheets and Emil Kosa hangs over this exhibition. George Gibson has least gotten away from this, and Edward Reep the farth­est. Reep’s After the Rain is a fine, semi-abstract composition of dark blues and blacks, as is Storm Transition. Barse Miller has come a long way from being the social realist painter of the thirties and has remained faithful to his first love, watercolor. Monehagan Landing is a simple clean composition of a few large color areas that seems very solid, though it never attempts to look like oil. Douglass Parshall uses black lines that weave in and out of the colors creating handsome patterns, such as Huge Rock and Storm. George Post’s clean, clear restful pic­tures are unexciting but pleasant.

Irma E. Desenberg