Los Angeles

Harold Spencer

Occidental College

The works of Harold Spencer evoke a variety of moods. Throughout the various themes presented, there is a pervading sense of the artist’s awareness of the essential residues of feeling that are in­herent in the wealth of material from which he draws inspiration. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, is parti­cularly effective. The dark and light rhythms of only partially realized ab­stract forms invite poetic reflection. In Abendkrieg the mood is strident; Un­to The Hills is psalmodic. When the vein of meaning is less specific, Spen­cer turns to musical terms: Cantabile, Toccata in Red, Etude 63. Inevitably, the artist has become involved in a variety of media. Although the larger works are in oil, the watercolors, in which a resist method is employed, are equally competent. Encaustic, sumi and sumi with gouache have been used at other times. There is a single engraving and a woodcut. Throughout, there is a technical mastery, a sureness of man­ner and a resolution of theme that re­flect a knowledge of, and concern for, discipline in the areas of both abstrac­tion and non-objectivity.

Con­stance Perkins