Los Angeles

Helen Lundeberg

Long Beach Art Museum, Long Beach

“Every­thing points to the conclusion that the phrase ‘the language of art’ is more than a loose metaphor” (Goldscheider). Accepting this premise Miss Lundeberg speaks a language that is at once subtle and understandable. She has refined and honed down the surrealism which was present in her earlier pictures (i.e., the pictures of mirrors, fruit, lightbulbs of about 10 years ago). Her edges are clean, unblurred and her color covers large areas with great evenness, show­ing no brushstroke. Every once in a while she seems to use masking tape to block off different tones. She uses no gradations of color; the paint is meticu­lous. The physical action of her paint­ing may have an intellectual basis, but the content is romantic-emotional. Moods she conveys are subtle and quiet. The impact is slow and thoughtful. If there is a lack of detail one feels it is for a conscious cutting out of the unnecessary and a desire to preserve the unity and simplicity of an idea. The var­iations on the theme of “Arches,” or the “Dreams” establish a mood of reminis­cence and each viewer can fill in from there.

Irma E. Desenberg