Los Angeles

Janet Lippincott

Galleria Gianni

Rarely has a one-man show looked so aware yet neuter, casual, and so con­vincing. She is involved with symbol making that simply refuses to jell, for her images are too weak to hold up under the steady barrage of disparate elements. Ineffectual, overcontrolled ac­cidents clog structure, and axes are re-enforced  to a point of uncertainty. Spatial intentions are denied by violent color contrasts. Areas are drowned in a nonsensical rhythm of “enriching” tool marks, and ill-sorted alterations of inconsistent style disrupt and mar the unity of almost every picture.

The gallery’s folder informs that Miss Lippincott has worked in an under­ground adobe studio in Santa Fe, N.M. since 1950, in complete silence. Her principal project is to release her sub­conscious. One would guess these all play important debilitating roles in cre­ating canvases which are too clumsy to be decorative and too decorative to be expressive.