Los Angeles

Miguel Marina

Esther Bear Gallery

Miguel Marina was born in Bilbao, Spain, Basque country. His paintings and drawings are strong personal reflec­tions on his life. Marina fought in the Spanish Civil War, a deeply painful experience for him. The trauma and agony of that conflict is seen in his work. He is also a deeply religious man who brings to his pictorial statements an emotional fervor related to his religious beliefs. His present works are triptychs on wood, heavy wooden blocks painted on four sides as altar pieces, wooden boards of assorted shapes and sizes and wooden panels. These are all variations on Christian themes. Marina uses a great deal of distortion in his figures in order to dramatize the emotional content of his paintings. The colors are vivid and sharp with a high gloss finish, and the symbols he utilizes are related to Byzantine iconographs. One of his panels has recently been reproduced in stained glass in his native Spain. His stylized fragmentized works are admir­ably suited to this medium.

Harriette von Breton