San Francisco

“Six Printmakers”

Art Unlimited

Den­nis Beall, Helen Breger, John Richards, Jeryl Parker, Kathan Brown and Alfred Smith show a stimulating group of etchings in a wide range of techniques, some developed during the last decade. Parker, Brown and Smith have been working at the recently established Crown Point Intaglio Workshop in Point Richmond, yet there is a wide variance in their prints. Parker draws from na­ture subjects, with a lyrical interpretation; Brown uses muted color poetically in her greatly simplified land­scape; Smith varies from a fine, singing line in his landscapes to harsh, brittle edges in defining the nude. Beall’s pictorial symbols are imaginative and strongly presented; he is an accom­plished artist whose prints are executed with near perfection. Helen Breger’s strange fantasy, sensitively stated, is a wonderful foil for the dark mystery of Beall’s full toned images. Faintly tinged with sadness, her work relates, in an indefinable way, to Munch. Richards’ monolithic bottles suggest elemental landscape masses which are reminis­cent of Nicolai De Stael, both in scale and in emotional depth. 

––E. M. Polley