San Francisco

Group Print Exhibition: Claire Falkenstein, Dan Shapiro, and Dennis Beal

San Francisco Museum of Art

Falkenstein’s embossed prints depend on the same visual esthetic as does her sculpture, utilizing the relief surface with rich black and gold inks applied as decorative elements in the same man­ner molten brass and great hunks of glass are applied to linear metal bram­bles in her sculpture.

Similarly Dan Shapiro’s metal intag­lio print technique is closely related to his assemblage manner. Unlike Falken­stein, his prints are inferior when com­pared with his constructions. In both mediums he relies on found objects to create ambiguous shapes on either dark or light voids. The prints become overly formal and rigid in design, which de­feats the informal quality of plastic toys and sundry other objects employed in the constructed shapes.

Dennis Seal’s accomplishments with the combined techniques of color etch­ing and collograph are sophisticated and urbane in a droll manner. He puns on patriotism via emblems and plaques depicted in a hard, linear manner. All his prints are of a high quality but his imagery gets rather thin in many of the examples shown.

James Monte