Los Angeles

Group Show

New World Gallery

Nine artists, mostly local, are to be seen at this new gallery in Alhambra. The strongest work is by Benjamin Serrano who, although not yet independent of European influences, nevertheless ex­hibits a degree of vitality that may come to something both personal and effec­tive. Phyllis Barczak, on the other hand is tempted to sink into either a sentimentalized romanticism or a superficial cartoon style. James Gilbert is best in his large figure work but the effort to gain force is self-conscious. Ruth Lubin has experimented with a number of print techniques. As yet she has not come to any comfortable fusion of sub­ject and media. Redundant as Abstract Expressionism is likely to become, Jer­ome Brill’s “The Wild Season” is ade­quate. Geoffrey Holt’s style is basically one of illustration, employing a mixture of traditional Realism and Impression­ism. Working in both oil and watercolor Julie Polousky has a flair for a kind of super-realism that is in the Wyeth tra­dition. The sculptures by Ralph Tarzian and Ina De Can are hardly remarkable. In all, the caliber of work exhibited is not likely to meet local competition.

C. P.