San Francisco

Group Show

Lanyon Gallery

This show is a fill-in that is doubling as an introduction to some new artists the gallery represents. Mel Ramos is a Sacramento pop artist who is trying to cut in on Roy Lichtenstein’s corner of the comic-book market. Ramos offers juicy illustrations of Superman, Batman and Robin and other folk heroes. These are early works and perhaps the only objection that can be raised at this point is that it is dirty pool to steal Wayne Thiebaud’s idiomatic brush-stroke, although, under the peculiar sanctions of pop art it is legitimate to appropriate any subject-matter that lies at hand, even if it belongs to another artist—or to children.

Pat Tavenner’s assemblages are con­structed in an ungainly, offhand manner that is none the less attractive. How­ever, her close attention to detail makes some of her work confusing in struc­ture, giving it a tendency to fade out at the edges. Her potential is emerging, but still lacks focus.

Erik Gronborg is a young sculptor with an unquestionable feel for wood. Unfortunately he uses his talent to make incredibly coy depictions of every­thing from pelicans to torsos (these in aluminum, framed in velvet and gilded wood). The result is devastating.

Victor Royer makes Zogbaums for the younger set.

Joanna C. Magloff