Los Angeles

Larry Rink

Wooden Horse Gallery, La­guna Beach

Larry Rink is an artist who seeks to express the inter-relationship of the sea and the shore. The subject matter is one that has been neglected by most current artists. The painting of the sea seems to have gone, by default, to those who feel that the tradition of sea­scape must not be tampered with, that curling transparent green waves topped with white foam is the only way to paint the sea. Rink’s approach to the sea is diametrically opposite to this; he uses a controlled action-painting technique while steeping himself in the sea (lit­erally, as the picture on the cover of the handsome announcement of the exhibi­tion would lead one to believe). His wa­tercolors are most successful. It is a distinct pleasure to see transparent wa­tercolor as masterfully handled as in “Crown Point, Sunset.” An attempt at mixed media, “Crown Point #1,” to cap­ture the feel of the shore as opposed to the sea verges on trickery with the introduction of real sand to the shore area to oppose the more transparent blue of the water, but the space break­up and the use of color is handsome.

The Wooden Horse Gallery is an at­tempt to bring to Laguna something it sorely needs, a legitimate showplace for artists who are making or who have made a mark in southern California art circles.

H. J. Weeks