Los Angeles

Louis Hougotts and Bob Moore

Robin Metz Gallery

Louis Hougotts’ “draw­ings of humor and protest” are primari­ly in ink or pencil line with occasional attempts at a heavier chiaroscuro and some wash. Although there is a certain facility indicated, it is not sufficient to raise the level of the work above ama­teur status. Bob Moore presents a vari­ety of drawings, prints, sculptures and mobiles. Except for one drawing, the portrait pieces are rather inadequate attempts at commercial illustration and the prints offer little more than experiments in an intaglio medium. Some of the bronze sculptures do a bit more. “Apartment #2” goes the fur­thest in breaking away from the images of Lassaw and the like that are too easily turned into cliches. Moore’s mobiles, limited by the use of the half joint only, become monotonous. Unfor­tunately the Robin Metz Gallery has not as yet been able to come up with exhi­bitions of real merit.

C. P.