San Francisco

Martin Muller and Donald Sprinkling

Crash Gallery

Muller’s drawings are as trivial in subject matter as they are in size, being nothing more than slightly morbid plant-like forms done with an abstract expressionist flourish. The raw material for his collages has been cut from girlie magazines. Muller then converts these unfortunate young ladies into hermaphrodites. He also does a Bruce Conner every now and then.

If Edward Kienholz, Bruce Conner, Joseph Cornell and Marisol were not practicing artists, it might be possible to take Sprinkling’s work as a serious comment on life via the junk world. Since these artists are definitely in existence, Sprinkling’s commentary is scrupulously concerned with getting his work to match their styles, without, however, matching any of their talents. A shoddy sort of plagiarism.

Joanna C. Magloff