Los Angeles

Ray Brown

Ceeje Gallery

In man's consciousness the idea of choice has been usually approached from the point of view of alternatives. Ray Brown is aware that sequence differs from po­larity. By simultaneously juxtaposing variants of the same scene he illumi­nates the shared and relative character of choice, setting for himself in the meantime some very challenging pic­torial dilemmas. The two sides of his doubled image canvases are autono­mous color tonalities which at the same time work together. Variations in ges­ture, shadow and value alter the expres­sion of the analogous paintings while Brown occasionally interpolates, re­moves or relocates a hand, window or tree creating elaborations in both the visual and psychological reality of the sequences. The works require and justi­fy prolonged observation. Here is a painter with a personal approach to color who avoids the easy solvency of favorite schemes. One equally adept at handling heavily patterned passages and planar ones, and who is experiment­ing with changes to scale as a means of extending the dimensions of painting to again include not only spate but time, for the same image seen laterally and altered in size teases our interpre­tive faculties. Fruitfully lacking in the stale aura of “establishment,” Ray Brown is so involved in making paint­ings that you can sense his anticipation of the next canvas as he explores the one in front of him. The present exhibi­tion includes nothing cursory or expe­dient, since the artist consistently de­mands from himself a full measure.

Rosalind G. Wholden