Los Angeles

Antonio Frasconi

Ankrum Gallery and the Sabersky Gallery

Two exhibi­tions of Frasconi’s prints; those at the Ankrum are recent prints (1962 and 1963); those at the Sabersky Gallery range over the past 10 to 12 years. One cannot help but be impressed by the consistently high quality of his work. His more recent work, especially in lith­ography, reveals an expanded involve­ment with color. In his “Alhambra Series” he couples a subtle use of brilliant, intense color with his powerful delineation in black areas and linear forms. Several of the prints, such as Beasts and Graves or Dark Night and New Moon create a strange impres­sion with their surfaces divided hori­zontally into two unequal bands, one of which forcefully conveys the delicacy of variations of the lithographic tech­nique, while the other band states the wood block media through solid black and white areas. In the “Wall” series, he manipulates elements of chance—letters, occasional words, blotches and cracks of the wall—in such a way that one senses the accidental, but never loses sight either of his control of the form or his statement of content.

––Da­vid Gebhard