San Francisco

Charles Griffin Farr and Norma de Mers

Art Unlimited

Sharp focus paint­ings in oil, watercolors on rice paper. Charles Griffin Farr (somehow one does­n’t abbreviate his name) manages to make most of the Bay Area competitive shows, whether conservative or avant­-garde, by virtue of integrity––in choice of subject, use of materials, and respect for abstract qualities of design. He could as easily be a hard-edge abstrac­tionist as a hard edge realist, but chooses to paint objects from the world around him, endowing each with the special significance it has earned through usage. He has a deep apprecia­tion of the importance of relativity. A lone chair becomes a philosopher’s seat, whole hordes of nudes in a camp remain just that. Miss de Mers has the brood­ing, introspective turn of mind of those Northwest artists who choose Morris Graves as their lode-star. Two extremely sensitive drawings of birds, on rice paper, are her best works in this show.

––E. M. Polley