Los Angeles

“Drawings and Graphics Selection”

Martin Janis Gallery

Examples of each grand name offer a linear feast for the eyes, as Picasso’s amazons and fauns compete for attention with a set of three resting dancers by Matisse. In one corner the tenderly awkward Burch­field contours fight the Eilshemius gaucheries as Braque’s Birds soar be­fore the sun. In this plenitude of riches, Chagall, Leger, Modigliani, Rouault, Ku­niyoshi, Matta, Dalí, Gorky, Rothko, and Kline vie to open the collector's purse; and if this were not enough, real hand­made puddles by Burton, Goodman, and Fields await us on the back walls. As surely as the surplus stock is stacked on the floors, bargain day must be at hand.

The prize, in full color, is Miró’s lith­ographic reproduction of the 1932 paint­ing, Woman. Above, the semaphore sun burns her hide to leather brown as she stamps angrily before a new grass­-green sky on elephantine legs across a banded horizon. One could expect a grunt of victory to issue from her nasty mouth at having captured our final, un­divided concentration.

––Fidel A. Danieli