San Francisco

Group Show


Featuring Gump’s regular stable of artists, with emphasis on Bryan Wilson, Fletcher Benton and Art Holman. Wilson, known best for his personal insight into the lives and activities of birds, proves him­self just as personal in his response to flowers, which he apparently sees with the bee’s heliotropic vision. His bright­hued still-lifes, like his grey-toned bird­lifes, are built on classic principles of space division which allow for endless variety. Rich, thick pigment adds variety to his paint surface, usually kept thin for atmospheric effects. Benton’s new venture is into portraiture, treated with a spontaneity that suggests the living figure. These canvases have a Goyaesque quality that sets them quite apart from his landscapes. The Goya of the free brush and untrammeled expression, not the man who painted shrewd character studies disguised under precisely ren­dered costumes. Holman’s recent can­vases have achieved a soft radiance similar to Monet.

––E. M. Polley