Los Angeles

Harry Sternberg

Heritage Gallery

Reflecting the styles and techniques of the ’30s, Harry Sternberg’s prints seem a bit out of date today. It must be rec­ognized, however, that Sternberg was primarily responsible for establishing standards that were necessary in order that the print processes could become what they are today, both commercially and as fine arts media. His “Serigraph Portrait Series” are documents of high craftsmanship as well as delightful re­cordings of many of the outstanding figures of the art world prior to World War II. In these caricatures, Sternberg emulates the style of the artist in a manner that adds flavor and zest to the portrait pieces. Particularly penetrating is his satiric likeness of Philip Ever­good. Sternberg’s woodcuts are a little more contemporary in feeling, especial­ly the large prints that deal with land­scape subjects. Here the image takes on a general feeling of abstraction which, if tight realistic details are ignored, can be effective. Works by a number of Sternberg’s students are also shown. Jack Bilander, Ellen Nathan and Reji Kimura exhibit the most promise.

–––Constance Perkins