San Francisco

Howard Foote

Green Gallery

Mr. Foote exhibits a half-dozen paintings in the methods and manners of the younger group of New York-Boston abstract expressionists of the mid-nine­teen-fifties. Here the style has matured a little from the off-beat vernacular of Provincetown summers to a more syn­tactically sophisticated and coherent idiom. While manifestly sincere and somewhat above the student ineptitude and amateur cliches so often essayed in this already dated regional genre, the work lacks compelling viewpoint and persuasive inflexion, and falls into that category best designated as competent mediocrity. Two titles are provocative: “Form for finding the calculated alti­tude and the altitude difference for laying down the Sumner line by the method of St. Hilaire from a sight of the Sun’s lower limb,” and “In the stream the hollow stones as they roll still.” Unfortunately, neither esoteric epigrams nor quasi-Haiku poems can impart to a canvas character or “mood” that the painting has attempted but failed to achieve.

––Palmer D. French