Los Angeles

John Mc­Laughlin

Felix Landau Gal­lery

The technical achievement that is attained would alone make John Mc­Laughlin’s first series of lithographs historic museum pieces. These are flaw­less works, both in design and crafts­manship. The rectangular relationships of the simple neutral forms are abso­lute. Some of the pieces are conceived in black and white only, others employ primary colors that are exquisitely subtle in tone. Although he owes a partial debt to Mondrian, McLaughlin’s concept is eastern, not western. Whereas Mondrian sought a “plastic quality,” McLaughlin is interested in the “static” and its power to evoke a state of feeling that is disengaged from all elements of the external world. This he does with a per­fection that is unbelievable in its re­finement.

–––Constance Perkins