San Francisco

“Pan-American Group”

Bolles Gallery

A tidy show of painted constructions by Marcel Flores and Nicholas Roukas, and monotypes by Gwen Stone. None of these artists make any contribution to art, although Flores, a Frenchman living in Venezuela, has some individual and provocative thoughts on Christian ico­nography and medieval history. The line between craft and art is rapidly dimin­ishing, and both he and Roukas do their best to erase it entirely. Bolles Gallery is affiliated with an architectural con­cern, and aims to develop a fraternal affection between art and architecture. If it contracts any more painters like Roukas, it had better add archeology to that fraternity, because the young San Jose artist revels in colors and tex­tures suggestive of ancient ruins. Gwen Stone’s tiny monotypes are exquisitely sensitive in both tone and texture.

––E. M. Polley