Los Angeles

Robert Hartman

Comara Gallery

In his recent drawings and paintings, Robert Hartman achieves a feeling of freshness and originality that makes his canvases quite enjoyable. Although the pieces read as totally non-objective compositions, they have a direct refer­ence to scenes from nature. Primary colors, offset by vivid greens, dominate. The best of the canvases employ large areas of white to relieve the vigorous and at times overpowering brushwork that has the character of action paint­ing. Further stability is achieved by using a square canvas. Occasionally the artist introduces bits of collage in a manner slightly reminiscent of Loberg’s work. Although sometimes areas have a tendency to become overworked, there are other times when Hartman’s brush­ing has the quickness and sureness of script. Particularly nice are B. F.’s Garden, Monchor II and Blue Scud. One of the most interesting of the small drawings is Jeweled Space.

–––Constance Perkins