San Francisco

Roberto de Lamonica

Original Prints Gallery

This young Brazilian graphicist exhibits two-toned engravings employ­ing etching, drypoint and aquatint tech­niques. From a small selection of bril­liantly experimental, but esthetically unpursuasive, technical studies, one work stands out as an artistically co­herent, arrestingly pursuasive state­ment: Engraving 39 (1961). Here, brood­ing, dark masses, delicately corrugated with turtle-shell mosaic, and extending grotesque, arachnoid tentacles, seem sil­houetted in spectral light criss-crossed with spiderweb linearities. The thinking is “contrapuntal”: motifs stated in the microcosm of internal detail are ex­panded and sequenced in the larger outlines, or inverted against themselves in the subtle interplay of negative and positive space. This is too small a show­ing to permit of extensive generalizing with reference to this artist’s style and direction. The few pieces exhibited, however, announce a keen mind with an original viewpoint.

––Palmer D. French