Los Angeles

XXth Century Drawings for Collectors

Rex Evans Gallery

Mr. Evans has gathered a random selection of equally interesting works ranging from the asceticism of Morandi and Giaco­metti to a voluptuous giantess by La­chaise, and from the camera accuracy and academic modeling of Orpen to the diffused labyrinth of Appel. Mirko is represented by a Woman of 1944, with a hard, ornamentally incised feeling which strikes one as almost perversely fin-de-siècle. Henri Gaudier-Brezska and Christopher Wood, seldom seen and little known, are shown in fine gestural observations of the model. Indeed, sculp­tural records of studio nudes, with quali­ties of having come directly from the artist’s sketchbook, dominate the show and lend to it its air of intimacy. Suther­land’s marvelous specter of the rising root, Green Tree Form-Study, could stand up well among his paintings as a powerful example, though it measures barely three by four inches.

Here, among these unassuming, small scale refined and tasteful works, it would be difficult not to be pleased.

––Fidel A. Danieli