Los Angeles

“Autumn Exhibition”

Los Angeles Art Association

This exhibition is a hybrid; it started out to be the second half of the preceding month’s New Members Exhibition, but because the members’ works were quite small, a number of members who had not shown for some time were invited by the director to contribute to the exhibition.

With any membership exhibition not based on a theme or a medium, the quality naturally varies. Each work must be looked at on its own, and comparisons of one work to another are not really valid, especially when the work of one person who is a novice may be placed next to a work by some person who has been painting for a number of years.

The delicate metal sculpture of John Samarjian was far and away the most outstanding piece of sculpture, and possibly the most outstanding work in the exhibition. Other sculptures by Anna Killen (“The Sentinal”) and Stephen Toth (“The Owl”) were also notable. In the oil paintings, Eleanore Nicholas, with her work “Mother and Child,” showed a sensitivity of color and line that was most pleasing. The work, almost a sketch, was poetic and lovely. Others of note included an untitled watercolor by David Aprato, “El Amor Brujo” by Mid Ruth, “Ojai Landscape” by Belle Osipow, and “The Wharf” by Signe Larue. Two works placed side by side, Fritz Faiss’ “Abstract Theme in Three Movements” (an oil triptych) and Lasar Galpern’s “The Cathedral” (a sculpture in wood, glass and metal) showed two artists at work re-exploring some of the more formal, intellectual directions of the past few decades.

H. W. Weeks