Los Angeles

“International Watercolor Exhibition”

Dalzell Hatfield Galleries

The exhibit’s title gives a fair clue to its contents: a water-base potpourri of the great and the also-rans lumped together with uncritical impunity. Recovering from the actual physical shock entailed in the gleaning, the works exploiting the media to full advantage follow most expectedly. The gorgeous, plush blooms of Nolde, Feininger’s washed constructions, a Laurencin peppermint-sweet round dance, several settled Marins, and an opalescent Renoir “la Riviere” push the Gluckman, Rubin, Dobashi, and others off into deserved obscurity. Two calligraphic but plastic Rederer head studies and a pair of atypical Duty gouaches salt the show with surprises. And are Chagall, Grosz, Segonzac, and Rouault ever any more or less than their instantly recognizable selves?

Fidel A. Danieli