San Francisco

Jean Hyson

Pomeroy Galleries

A gallery announcement conveys that Miss Hyson was born in Texas in 1928, studied at the Art Students’ League with Kuniyoshi and Grosz, is “a member of Artist’s Equity,” has had work exhibited on the campuses of a couple of American universities, as well as “in Paris, France and Mexico City,” and that she has done extensive traveling and living abroad. If smart set giddy dilettantism must be ornamented with pretensions to a career, presumably all of this and having exhibitions lends artistic verisimilitude to the affectation. However, perforce, a sine qua non of this little vanity is something to exhibit. That corroborative detail is here provided in the form of some ostentatiously framed, trite little slap-dash pictures solemnly declared to be Miss Hyson’s “latest work . . . impressions of the California countryside, San Francisco waterfront and some of the North Beach coffee bars.”

Palmer D. French