San Francisco

Kent Holloway, Stefanie Steinberg, Margaret Smith

Artists Cooperative

Kent Holloway has four really fine paintings here: a portrait in landscape, a still life with flowers, a family self-portrait, and an interior with still life. They are all done with the clean precision of a Flemish Primitive. In them one again confronts the esoteric symbolism of Hugo van der Weyden and the meticulous landscape detail of the Master of Flémalle or Conrad Witz. It is a pleasant confrontation, despite the distraction of some very inferior works he has included in this show. Holloway can help himself considerably by dumping some of his mannerisms and putting the effort it takes to maintain them into increasing his output. He has real talent.

Stefanie Steinberg has a heavy brush and a lavish taste for color, which rescues her bold landscapes and florals from the triteness of their own subject matter.

Margaret Smith’s prismatic abstractions of cities and bridges are weak and decorative compared to the powerful surge she manages in her seascapes. She is one of the few artists on the West Coast who anywhere near suggests the tremendous potential energy of the sea.

E. M. Polley